Systemic art therapy

Systemic art therapy combines the qualities of art therapy and systemic therapy approaches. It’s an active and creative form of therapy, sometimes playful, taking place in an art studio, in individual or in small group sessions. Well suited to family and couple therapy, it is also an effective tool for parent-child therapy, for siblings and for “newfamilies.

Creative art therapy offers materials and techniques that allow change in a different way than just with words. It is not about making Art. Your senses – sight, touch and smell – guide you towards expression, integration and authenticity in what you create. You do not need any experience with art.

Systemic therapy helps find resources and realistic solutions. Every person and every family is part of a multitude of systems: the multi-generational family, circles of friends, of colleagues, culture at large. In using the qualities of a person and his or her “systems”, this therapy helps open up blocked relationships and difficult situations. It is a non-judgmental accompaniment, respecting the rightful place of each individual in his or her own systems.

In systemic art therapy, creation and words complement each other. Together with you, the listening ear of the therapist, observations and elaboration lead to personalized propositions, in the studio and for the outside world. Creation and co-creation are actions that heal. They help you to reconstruct, to function and feel better from within.